52: FrankenPad

Episode 52 November 05, 2022 00:38:35
52: FrankenPad
52: FrankenPad

Nov 05 2022 | 00:38:35


Hosted By

Kris Hans Erik Christiansen

Show Notes

Erik and Kris discuss new hardware announcements from Microsoft and Apple. They provide their take on the new Surface devices and iPads. Our co-hosts also discuss the purchase of edX and the pros and cons of outsourcing online learning program development.


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* Microsoft Surface event: Paul Thurrott (Thurrott.com)
* New iPad: Six Colors, Engadget and CNET
* edX purchase: The Crimson
* Andreessen Horowitz betting big on edtech: Business Insider
* Pros and cons of outsourcing online program development: Inside HigherEd
* Udemy third-quarter results: Globe Newswire


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Kris Hans, Co-Founder & Co-Host
Website: krishans.ca

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